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Policies, Rules & Regulations


Under the Registered Clubs Act the following persons may be admitted as temporary members of the Club if the rules of this Club so

  • A person whose ordinary place of residence is in New South Wales and is more than 5 kilometres from the registered Club.
  • A person who is a member of another registered Club with similar objects to those of this Club.
  • Any member of another registered Club who is attending this Club for the purpose of taking part in an organised sport or competition as provided in Section 30(10) of the Registered Clubs Act.
  • Registered Clubs can admit temporary members (other than those who are admitted pursuant to Section 30(10)) for up to seven days, or up to 30 days with the approval of the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority.

Section 30(10)
The rules of a registered Club (in the subsection referred to as “the host Club” shall, unless its rules provide that the provisions of this
subsection do not apply to that Club, be deemed to include a rule that a full member of any other registered Club who, at the invitation of
the governing body or of a full member of the host Club, attends on any day at the premises of the host Club for the purpose of
participating in an organised sport or competition to be conducted by the host Club on that day shall be a temporary member of the host
Club from the time of that day when he or she so attends the premises of the host Club until the end of that day.

Definition of a Guest
“Guest” in relation to a full member, a provisional member or an honorary member of a Club, means a person:

  • whose name and address, countersigned by the member are entered in a register kept for the purpose by the Club; and
  • who, at all times while on the Club premises, remains in the reasonable company of the member; and
  • who does not remain on the Club premises any longer than a member.


To enjoy the high standard enjoyed in our club we request patrons abide by dress rules. The following dress is not permitted at any time:

  • Dirty Work Clothing
  • Bare Feet
  • Dirty Workboots
  • Torn or Dirty Footwear
  • Offensive T-Shirts
  • Untidy Tracksuits
  • Swimwear
  • Provocative Clothing
  • Men's Headwear
  • Untidy and Dirty Clothing
  • Men's Singlets or Sleeveless Shirts

The following dress is not permitted after 6.30pm:

  • Thongs

Appearance must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Managements decision is final in all matters relating to dress regulations.


$550 on the spot fine
You will be refused entry or asked to leave this venue if you are:

  • drunk.
  • violent.
  • argumentative.
  • disorderly.
  • smoking on premises.
  • suspected of possessing drugs.

If you are asked to leave you must:

  • leave the venue immediately.
  • leave the vicinity of the premises (more than 50 metres).
  • not re-enter or attempt to re-enter the premises within 24 hours.
  • not re-enter the vicinity of the premises for six hours.

If you don’t comply, you’re committing a crime.

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